Where are you from? How did you get into photography?
I’m from Poland and I make movies and TV; i’m a cinematographer. Photography is a natural language for me, more intimate than movies. I work a lot with visual artists, helping them with video arts and other visual stuff. I also make my own exhibitions. In movies I do mainstream, so photography is my private language.

Can you explain the series? What is it about and why sushi?
That's easy. I just went to my friends with no plan but with a camera. They ordered sushi, I bought some vodka. So everything was spontaneous and enjoyable. Hope u find it tasty.

Where did the inspiration come from?
Years of interest and studying art. References came out of spontaneity, but also Araki, Ren Hang, Bacon and Lucian Freud.

Why nudity?
Sexuality is an important part of my life. I don't see enough aesthetically satisfying me nudity in media, usually boring, perfectly photoshopped Calvin Klein type of bullshit. So I produce my own- dirtier, more natural stuff.


Why did you go for black and white?
Black and white polaroids is the visual language I feel comfortable in.

Who are the people in the images? How do they feel being exposed online?
They’re my long time friends. I just spoke with them and they love being exposed. They like sushi and their sexuality is to be explored.

Have you ever put yourself in the work you do?
Never. I’m always behind the camera.

What’s your relationship with sex and sexuality?
I don’t understand this question. Maybe it’s too general or too detailed.

Any new work on the horizon we should look out for?
A lot. Humanistic-pornography. Gay, flash, love…

What inspires you?
People with energy to make art, with this kind of power that their art hijacks your thoughts. Sometimes art becomes this universal language that communicates our human condition, desires etc., makes us feel understood and not alone. One image or art piece becomes a new word in a timeless language


No_pic_no_chat is a working artist, continuing to put images into the world over on Instagram



The artist also works with video, showcasing people reading something of importance to them, while nude.

“This project appeared naturally. First I think it was the polaroids, but that wasn't enough. I wanted the guys to be more visible, how they act, how shy or playful they are. To give a wider view -how fascinating the sexuality of each of them is, how is it played in their voice, body language, what book do they choose? So it's more of a description, making a catalog of each sensibility rather than a project with a thesis.”