The Pits of Sexuality

Maschalagnia or armpit fetishism is where people are sexually attracted to or interested in armpits. This kink can be found most commonly in the gay community, though other sexual groups enjoy it too. Those with an armpit fetish often enjoy the act of kissing, licking and smelling their partner’s pits during foreplay. However, this isn’t to be confused with axillism, the act of armpit intercourse. Some have described armpit intercourse as "Not an outstandingly rewarding trick, but worth trying if you like the idea.”

So we know people are attracted to pits. But what about them do they love the most? After speaking with several gay men and lovers of the pit, they all said the same thing. It’s a combination of musk, masculinity and a little dominance. So let’s break it down.

Musk and smell

Just as it can be a tool for deterrence, the natural body smell can also work as a force of sexual attraction and a major source is an armpit. Speaking with Dan, a fan of armpit play, we asked him about his personal attraction, he said: "I think it’s to do with the pheromones. Having it done to me [someone focusing on his pits] is great as I’m not ticklish.”

Speaking with several others, they have the same thought. Some have also seen their ticklish side almost eradicated instantly when the sexual strength of the pit takes over, especially when they’re with a partner who’s putting their focus there.

From personal experience, I’ve been told to hold off wearing deodorant before engaging with a particular guy, which I thought was quite interesting. When I asked him about it he told me that the scent of a natural pit got his dick hard instantly and without it, his experience of sex with a guy wouldn’t be the same.

Dominance and masculinity

Without a doubt, armpit fetish is about the balance of dominance and being submissive. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Usually, when someone is having their pits focused on, their limbs are being spread open by their partner and it’s usually done in the heat of the moment and with a little assertion, making one person the Dom and the other, automatically the Sub.

Masculinity goes hand in hand with this too. Continuing the chat with Dan, he said: "I like the masculinity of a hairy pit. I’m sorry if I’m not helping much, but it’s like being able to explain why actually watching someone licking my nipples instantly turns me on. I know I like it, but I can’t explain it.”

What Dan says makes perfect sense. It’s all about those power roles within sex. He loves the idea of a guy enjoying his nipples, and he also enjoys pit play. In these two instances, he puts himself in the role of a Sub, but it could also work to his advantage as a Dom, should he enforce it on his partner. Sex and sexuality are all about a balance of power and enjoyment, so it makes perfect sense that he would like both sides of the coin.