The foreskin; a fold of smooth tissue, skin, blood vessels, neurons that cover and protect the head of the penis - and the pleasure centre of one of my biggest turn ons. I get asked often about why I love foreskin so much and I always tell them there’s no one correct answer.

I’ve always loved foreskin, on my own dick as well as others. I always seek out porn featuring uncut guys. It’s just something I can’t get enough of.

My first understanding of the foreskin, as a part of my own body came when I was eleven years old. An early starter, puberty had kicked in, my balls dropped, pubes were growing fast and my self discovery of this thing between my legs had started.

The first time I had a wank was in my bathroom and it’s something I can’t ever forget. I had no idea what I was doing, just like most young lads, so it was all very hit and miss. One thing I got correct, however, was pulling back the foreskin, which opened up a whole new world; the dawing of a new age, a heightened level of sensation and pleasure. The feeling was something i’d never experienced before and have since searched for it once more.

Growing up my love for foreskin grew tenfold, but there were so many unanswered questions, which were eventually answered throughout my early teens. Why did my childhood friend Chris not have one? Should I get circumcised because it’s cleaner? Will foreskin be hard to ‘maintain’?

Being at school was probably the most informative time of my life, not because of the curriculum, but personal experiences and observations. One being the changing rooms. Surprising to many, I wasn’t always a closed off, self-conscious person. Changing rooms weren’t ever a problem. Getting changed in a room full of guys is the most educational place to be, especially during puberty and throughout the year I learned a lot, from just looking.

Myself and all the others lads were in the same boat; full of questions and needing answers. Looking back, eyes were flying all over the room from every guy - we were all looking at each others bodies, being given the information we’d searched for. Everyone was so different. Small dicks, big dicks. Both uncut and cut guys. Post-gym it was a smorgasbord of visual learnings.

My first encounter with a guy in a sexual sense was fantastic, even though I was quite young. I was excited for him to see my big dick and for him to play with the head bulging underneath my meaty, veiny foreskin. The biggest surprise came from the feeling I got when sliding my dick into him, feeling the folds roll back, rubbing my head all the way down. It was the closest I got to that first initial wank.

At this point in my life I am more than happy with what I was allowed to hold on to, pun intended. My favourite thing about my junk is being intact. I think it’s important we demolish these archaic rules about circumcision based on religion or area of the world. Medical problems should be the only reason someones hood is taken from them without their consent or their own thought process.  

I feel for all the guys who don’t get to experience the pleasure of sitting around on a lazy day, playing with their unaltered dick and letting the precum gather and drip.