In the world of photographer JR Wallner, the crystal clear waters of Prince’s Lake Minnetonka have been polluted by urine and radiator fluid. Hailing from Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Jeff was born and raised in the so-called ‘Queen City’ of Virginia. To make this geography lesson a bit more complicated, he currently calls Berlin home.

Jeff’s preoccupations as a photographer — getting super-stoned and pulling faces with friends, capturing various streams of pleasure, and gross out shots of road kill, to name just a few — provide an uncanny view of Middle America.

Jeff is somewhat pee shy and recommends thinking about ‘water flowing’ if you lock up, like in ‘that TLC video‘. Even better, find a piss buddy. Recently, he found himself in very supportive company in the basement of Ficken 3000, catching the backsplash of a some serious water cannon action courtesy of a classmate in his German language course.