Introducing Makemeaoffer

Pushing the boundary between what is considered pornographic and voyeurism, James Barnett, the self-confessed acolyte of filth, plays with the two concepts and brings them together in a collection of rich, engaging photographic studies. The audience is then left to decide. 

Showcasing Berlin based performer Bishop, this collaboration began over a year ago, and highlights the conceptual idea of 'unwrapping the goods'. This puts the viewer into the perspective of the voyeur and leaves them wanting more, and questioning what could be on offer. 

To see more from James, you can find him on instagram at Makemeaoffer. And similarly, if you’re keen to know what Bishop has to offer, you can view his Only Fans account or find him on Instagram at TheBiszhopblaczkx.

B003400-R3-29-30A copy.jpg
B003400-R3-29-30A copy.jpg

Tell us about yourself, who you are and what you do?
My name is Jason and I’ve been living in London for 12 years. I went to art college and studied photography. I moved to London when I was 18. I’ve done various things, including managing a sex shop, working at King’s College, and working as a runner for music videos (including one of Madonna’s, when she was in her leotard). I’m also an illustrator and currently, I’m freelancing for a comedy company. 

You’ve had an online presence for a little while now under the name Partwerewolf, where did that come from and how did it all start? 
I was thinking about this the other day - the concept of Partwerewolf, where it comes from and what it means to me. I grabbed it from somewhere. I saw the ‘Part Wolf’ t-shirts and thought that was fun, then I was thinking about the whole gay thing of identifying yourself with an animal, and sick of being called a cub and an otter I was like fuck this, I’m going to be a wolf. Then I thought, what would be better than a wolf? A werewolf is even better because of the duality it implies. So I’ve been doing things under that name for a while, and I’m in the process of setting up a website. I don’t really know the purpose of it yet, however, so 2019 is the year I decide what the fuck I’m doing with this whole thing.

I’ve done amateur porn stuff that I’ve put out there, and Meat Magazine, so I’ve got these things that I’ve done, and they’re all part of what I do, but my goal is to figure out the end game.


Do you think posting nudes affects people’s perspective on personal sexuality and your relationship with sex?
For me, it certainly affected sex - I’m a lot more confident now. It’s funny, a lot of the people I’ve slept with have seen pictures of me beforehand, and I find that quite strange sometimes because I personally still like the ‘big reveal’, and they don’t have that now with me. That certainly affects those kinds of relationships. In terms of how porn and nude imagery affects my own personal sexuality away from sex itself, it can be quite destructive. When I was younger I was just watching Sean Cody videos all the time, and I’m not a 6 foot, tanned American jock. My first ex-boyfriend was really into young, skinny Polish boys and my second ex was into Sean Cody and Cockyboys models etc. That second relationship was quite a toxic one - a few times he pointed to other guys in the street and would say how he wished I looked like them. I think gay men, in particular, have a draw to things like this, like we must be the Calvin Klein model etc. And if you don’t fit into any of those moulds, you’re left behind and that sucks. So I think it can impact for sure.


I first came across you on Tumblr, which is now a dying platform. What did you think about the cull of ‘adult content’ and how did it impact you, if at all?
Partwerewolf became my main account and I started curating this nice, super visual space for myself. I was creating it for me to look at, and then it evolved into me posting some images of myself to see how that went. I have a lot of body issues and being on Tumblr helped me stay in control of what I was putting out there, and empowering myself a lot, due to how I was curating it all. My blog was 4 years old this year, and that’s a lot of hard work down the drain now. My content is now blocked, but when I go through Tumblr, I can still see pictures of my dick on there which aren’t flagged, and then there are pictures of a guy’s socks that HAVE been flagged. It’s so stupid. 

The statement from Tumblr saying that adult content has no place on the platform anymore, that’s just bullshit. 


We hope to see a time where nude images are normalised and we get that feeling from you too, is that why you produce nude images? 
I think it’s for a lot of reasons. I think it’s partly knowing that people want to see it. I can monetise this if I wanted to, but it’s not just about me getting my dick out for money. Some of the videos I’ve put on PornHub I’ve put a lot of time and effort into making, editing them so things look good. I don’t want to be a wanker and say it’s all about artistic stuff but because of my background, and the only thing I’ve ever really been interested in was art, it’s more than just a picture of me naked. 

A lot of people worry about their bodies and being naked. I still struggle going swimming, I don’t like taking my t-shirt off at a pool because that feels out of my control, because I can’t curate how I look. But at the same time, doing the video stuff, that for me was me pushing my boundaries, because I can’t control how every single still looks when you pause it, and my face is contorted in weird ways! It’s a way of letting go of some of that stuff. When I put the first picture out, I was terrified - it was a darkened image and you could just see the outline of my dick and I thought, ‘what have I done’, ‘it’s the end of my career’ but at the same time, I thought ‘fuck it, I’ve done it now’. The feelings I got out of doing it and the feelings of release from it being out there and it being out of my control, those were good feelings. It’s the same as you taking my photograph. I’m no longer in control of that.


Everyone is a little different, some stick to images in underwear, some with their arse out and others, like yourself, full frontal. Do you think your audience influenced you to take it all off?
I did get a lot of questions on Tumblr when I was first posting pictures of me in just my underwear saying ’show more, show more’. I used to do Cam4 stuff quite a lot too, and I wanted to get the phrase ’show hole’ printed on a shirt, because that’s what I would get from people all the time. I find people’s want to dive straight into that quite interesting. For a long time, just posting pictures in my pants, I knew I was teasing people quite a lot, and that was fun. But I definitely think the audience I have, I don’t feel pushed, but I know that if I do it I’ll get a nice response. It’s always walking a fine line of, ‘am I doing this for the wrong reasons?’ And that’s always been the mentality I’ve had. To make sure I’m not doing this for the wrong reasons. I have a habit of doing things for quick validation. That is damaging, so I try and control those feelings and focus on what will help me feel positive for a longer period of time.

Why do you think people are so afraid of seeing a naked body?
For me, I was always taught that everyone should be clothed all the time. When I was quite young I always liked running around naked or in my wellington boots, and that was frowned upon. It’s shame. Everyone has this built-in shame of showing their body, because we’re taught it’s bad from a young age. People who find nudity offensive probably have a lot of issues themselves about nudity. I’m not saying everyone should adopt a naturist lifestyle or anything like that though. There are obviously people who don’t want to see it, but how do you make sure those people don’t see it and those who do want to see it can? And how can you do that in a way where the people who are taking their clothes off don’t feel as though they’re being oppressed like we currently are? 

I find it so funny now that I feel less able to do what I’m doing because Tumblr is gone. Instagram is being way more restrictive than I ever thought it was going to be. What the fuck else is there I can do? It feels like it’s closing in on everyone. I believe it's to do with shame. It’s like we’re going backwards rather than forwards.


How does your sexuality manifest, aside from taking images?
For me, the things I’ve always been really into sexually are armpits and being choked. Everything else I’m fine with, but I don’t have a preference for. I get really frustrated with people who define their personalities with being a top or bottom. Don’t make me define myself by that. A lot of people think sex is this one thing or this one act when it’s actually a lot of different things to different people.


A lot of the clothes I buy manifest it in a way, maybe… I have a certain fetishised image of the clothes I like on people, but that’s not really definitive of me. Same for tattoos, but I wouldn’t call it a fetish, it’s more of an interest. I guess it’s slightly fetishising the people who used to beat me up. I was once at work and I walked through to the toilet and I could smell Lynx Africa, and that smell incited horror in me because it instantly makes me think that I’m about to be beaten up. Even though I hate that smell, and it’s not a nice memory, I’ve taken bits of it and kind of turned them round to be like, ‘okay, I found being choked really horrible, but now I’m going to be okay with it’. I don’t want to say it’s like ‘reclaiming violence’ or anything because that sounds really dark and it’s not really what I mean, but it’s like, I’m okay in expressing myself in those ways, in a very consensual way, especially choking - when it’s done in a consensual way and I know I can tap out whenever I want to, you feel very close to someone when you can do that with them. And when it does happen and it’s with someone I trust 100% and I know I’m safe, it sometimes feels almost like I’m playing out this violent fantasy.

I find that I have a very weird relationship with violence and how it fits into my life, but also for a gay man, even now I don’t think I’ve ever held hands with a boyfriend in the street for a long period of time, and even walking next to a friend, I’m still scared that people might think we’re gay and there’ll be consequences because of that. There’s always going to be that fear as an LGBT+ person.


You’re very open. Why is it important for others to own their sexuality and celebrate it without judgment of others?
Visibility is a thing that I believe does push progression forward. When you look at sexuality and gender, pushing hard for progression works. Look at the trans* community, they're more visible now than they have ever been, but they’re still nowhere near visible enough. They should be a full part of our society just like anyone else is. A lot of work has been done to push that, but more should be done to celebrate these people.

Everyone needs to be fighting to push forward, and there are certain ways of doing that. Obviously, the way I'm trying to do that isn’t going to get a huge audience, and it’s not going to change my mother’s mind for example. She voted for Brexit, and me getting my dick out isn’t going to change her mind on things, but a lot of people pushing to be free and open, in a consensual and safe way, brings more change about. 

I have struggled for years with being gay. There are still days where if someone offered me a pill to ‘make me straight’, I’d take it because I find gay relationships so difficult, I find gay men difficult. But at the same time, I know the things I find difficult are also the things I like a lot about being gay. Living my adult life now, from the age of 18, as gay has shown me that it is possible to be this way and to be happy, and the process of getting photographs taken, and the porn stuff, it makes me feel okay with myself. I’m taking it back from everyone that’s ever taken it from me before. Everyone that has been remotely abusive, I’ve pulled it back from them and I’m being like, ‘fuck you all, I’m still here and not only am I still here, I’m shouting it louder than ever before’. 


Jason can be found online through his username Partwerewolf. See links below for direct access to his content.

Illustration work

This is an an informal celebration of the sex and sexuality of gay men. Nothing is off-limits. No judgement. We want to hear from you. Let’s celebrate.

If you’d like to contribute, please get in touch by sending us an email or visiting our contact page here

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Kian Benson Bailes is an artist based in the west of Ireland, who makes work focusing on queer culture and works using multi-media. Using digital collage, his work is an extension of his sketch book thinking. Using collage allows him to discover how materials and processes could develop and be realised through other media and how it can be integrated into the final work. He considers collage a useful way to work with motifs and visual language to investigate his topic of inspiration and its proximity in heteronormative culture, specifically art history. With this ongoing body of work he’s interested in the representation of gay male intimacy, the spaces that intimacy inhabits and its cultural context. 


Working with found pornographic images is a way for me to interrogate the representation of bodies in queer culture as well as the space gay porn institutions hold in terms of the discourse around sex education, masculinity and the body politic. I think most gay mens experiences of pornography are one of the few educational tools they have in terms of gay sex and I'm interested in the moral and ethical implications that exist for pornographic institutions and platforms.


I think the ongoing commodification of queer culture for the heteronormative lens falls foul of the same types of misogyny, racism, ableism and ageism you find in heteronormative culture  and you can see these issues appear in institutional depictions of sex and fantasy, a good example being the fetishisation and racially charged language porn studios use when discussing POC porn actors.

I've deconstructed and rebuilt these images to try and create an alternative historical narrative, one where queer bodies, queer acts, and their proximity to institutions are re-imagined amongst the canon of art history and its tradition to still life and portraiture.   


For more works by Kian, you can find him on Instagram here.


After leaving college in 1979, Ivor Sexton began working as an illustrator, before concentrating on fine art. Now considering himself as a figurative painter, all of his work has a narrative. Talking about his work, Ivor said: “I have always liked a good story so like to reflect this in what I paint. I like to think I am a teller of tales in a visual form.”

Taking inspiration from books, music, film and other visual mediums, Ivor uses a lot of symbolism in his paintings and has always been influenced by Renaissance artists, explaining the use of religious imagery in some of his work.

‘And so the seed was sown’ Acrylic on board

‘And so the seed was sown’ Acrylic on board

On talking censorship, he said: “There has been a slow and creeping censoring of art going on that is only now starting to be noticed. It appears that nudity is now associated with is ok to show mutilation and violence in the new age dramas on television as long as you don't show any sex organs. Nail a person to the floor and mutilate them but don't show their penis as that will corrupt our poor children. I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of being classed a pervert just because I celebrate the naked male form. So here are my paintings doing just all their uncensored glory...celebrating the male nude.”

You can check out more from Ivor on his website and social media listed below.

Website and Instagram

‘The Annunciation’ Acrylic on board

‘The Annunciation’ Acrylic on board

Throughout the forty years of his time being an artist, a lot has changed. He started focusing his attention on the male nude and it shocked him how much fear it creates to paint a penis. His focus is of “real” men, not a fantasised version of a man, which is why he includes blemishes and men of differing ages.

Explaining more, Ivor said: “I like men who have stories to tell and men who live in the real world. There is so much peer pressure on men today to look a certain have a six pack and a big cock. The guys I paint are all happy to show themselves as they are. I like to think I give them a voice. Some are hung and some are not. Some have buffed up bodies and some don't. Some are young and some more mature. What they all have in common is a story to tell and voice to be heard.”

‘And God...’ Acrylic on board

‘And God...’ Acrylic on board

‘Martyr of the White Roses’ Acrylic on board

‘Martyr of the White Roses’ Acrylic on board

‘Well?….’ Acrylic on board

‘Well?….’ Acrylic on board

‘Solitude’ Acrylic on board

‘Solitude’ Acrylic on board

the annunciation.JPG

After chatting for months, going into every detail of the ins and outs of our lives, we finally met Dave in Portsmouth for a long-overdue photoshoot. Arriving at the hotel, we spoke very briefly about our day before getting right into it.

We spoke with Dave after to get his perspective of sex and sexuality, body confidence and his relationship with all three.

Can you remember the first time you felt sexual? Or understood what that feeling was?
I believe I was around 12 years old when I started having sexual feelings. I understood it to a certain degree however I didn't exactly know what it meant. The feelings were great nonetheless

What were the feelings?
I don't really know how to describe them. Apart from stating the obvious reaction which is getting a rock on and the feeling of pleasure coursing through me.


I thought I was bi for a while. That soon passed.
I agree. I actually had a girlfriend at 15. She was from Belgium and she travelled to see me. It was soon after that sexual encounter that I knew that I was gay.

What happened?
So when she came to stay with me, we had sex. Not just the once. I was actually watching gay porn and thinking about men whilst having sex. It soon clicked that I was gay.

The power of gay porn.
100%. Getting off to Colby Jansen was the best lived porn moments.

Ah, Colby is irresistible. I can understand why it got you off.
He is a masterpiece and has a master piece.

When did you start exploring your body? Were you always confident in showing it off?
Well I would say I PROPERLY started exploring my body when I was 18. I've gone through phases and body shapes. My currently body shape being a potato.

I enjoy pleasuring myself a lot. I have a high intense sex drive and I'm literally like a rabbit. 

I've had issues with my body and the way I look. I believe everyone does have something that they hate about themselves, it's normal. Mine stems from an unfortunate stage of being bullied. I still have issues today but I'm looking to overcome them and the photoshoot helps for sure.

My motto for any sort of body positivity is 'The imperfections you think you have are perfections in someone else's vision.’


Mine was similar. I think there’s just a switch that turns on...and stays on.
Pretty much. Sometimes it just happens for no real reason.

When did you go through puberty?
It probably started at the same time which would make sense but I never actually noticed the sight of puberty until around 15 years old.

That does make sense. I was an early starter; around 11. That’s when I really started to notice sexuality.
I didn't even understand sexuality. I had attractions to both girls and boys. I even came out as bi-curious because I didn't understand the way I felt.


That's a good motto to live by. You seem very confident, so i'm glad to see you're getting over it, even if it's just a little bit.
When you accept yourself, it makes it easier on the mind.

Very true. I lived by something similar in school.
What was that?

I accepted elements of my body that made me feel confident and used it to make myself better than bullies. For example, I wasn't the most confident in sports lessons. All other other guys were super athletic and excellent at what they were doing, and I wasn't at all. They'd mock me for not being as good as they were and the usual bullshit that kids do. But one day I noticed in the changing rooms that I had obviously went through puberty way before them; my balls were big, my dick was thick and I had pubes and everyone else didn't 'measure up'. They all noticed and they soon left me alone.
Well that is definitely something to be proud of! I never had confidence at school.

What was your favourite part about the shoot?
The photographer

You charmer
Well it made me way more confident as we had mutual grounds and passions. Plus you were asking questions like ‘are you okay with this?' and ‘do you feel comfortable?' It made it better as you were thinking of my wellbeing.

We'll have to do it again soon. Try and raise that confidence even more
I would be happy to! I want to try promote body positivity and normalise sexuality.

That's all I want from Fagazine. The tagline says just that - 'shining a light on sex, Fagazine aims to take back gay sexuality and showcase it for what it is; free honest and sometimes filthy’
It's a great tagline. I'm looking to be part of advocacy towards it. Currently in preparation of writing my own book for support towards depression, anxiety and anti-bullying.

It would be a useful book to have, especially for teenagers
I agree. I would hope I can help someone get through what they're going through.

Well i'll shoot your book cover for free. Only if you're in a jock, however
Imagine that. Me in a jock, on a book cover, on the shelves of shops Not a good look.

Or it could be the best look for influential teens
Maybe a topless with shorts photo?



In the world of photographer JR Wallner, the crystal clear waters of Prince’s Lake Minnetonka have been polluted by urine and radiator fluid. Hailing from Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Jeff was born and raised in the so-called ‘Queen City’ of Virginia. To make this geography lesson a bit more complicated, he currently calls Berlin home.

Jeff’s preoccupations as a photographer — getting super-stoned and pulling faces with friends, capturing various streams of pleasure, and gross out shots of road kill, to name just a few — provide an uncanny view of Middle America.

Jeff is somewhat pee shy and recommends thinking about ‘water flowing’ if you lock up, like in ‘that TLC video‘. Even better, find a piss buddy. Recently, he found himself in very supportive company in the basement of Ficken 3000, catching the backsplash of a some serious water cannon action courtesy of a classmate in his German language course.


Meet Antwan, a photographer looking to get published. Talking with him while he was wearing his favourite style of underwear, a brief, we uncover his love for a guys arse, and the his acceptance of his body throughout the years has developed.

Tell us about yourself, what do you do for a living?
I’m a photographer. I graduated from Gallaudet University in 2013 and ever since I’ve been working my ass off to a published photographer.

You live in Washington, DC, what is the gay scene like there? 
I lives in Washington DC. The gay scene is active and proud. It is deaf and GLBT friendly.

What is something you like about your body? 
When I was young, I couldn’t say I love my body. I was skinny and tall. And now I love my body, I love my curve and my ass and my lip. I love my long legs.

What body parts do you find the sexiest?
I love the juicy ass. I find it tempting to grab it but really in sincere; it is the eyes.

An age-old question, boxers or briefs?
Briefs. Always.

What are you wearing right now?
XL white t-shirt with red briefs.

Are you comfortable with individuals seeing you nude in non-sexual contexts? 
Yes I’m comfortable showing it off at the beach.

What is your most embarrassing sexual experience? 
I was with a guy I met from Manhunt, we were kissing and we got undressed. As we were on the bed, he was planning to get the condom and the lube. He wanted to do it doggy style but unfortunately he couldn’t get hard. I tried my best to keep him excited; I tried to give him a blow job. It won’t work but I decided to take this embarrassing experience into positive experience for him. I kissed him hard and I fingered him, bite his nipples and then he came.


The dick. The cock. The male organ of higher vertebrates. To some it is seen as a representation of masculinity, and in some cases, status of dominance - but should this swinging piece of flesh be taken so seriously? We want to put the fun back in the cock and get a better understanding of the personal connection between tool and its owner, through a series of short conversations.

Where is the strangest place you’ve pulled your dick out?
Honestly nothing is strange for me. I pulled it out in the parking lot, in the car, in the public bathrooms.

Do you feel self-conscious about your dick?
No, I’m happy with my dick.

If you could change one thing about your dick what would it be?
No hairs on my balls… I’m tired of cutting or taming the bush.

What’s your favourite thing about your dick?
How it can surprise people when they see it for the first time.

Have you ever compared your dick size with another guy?
It is not my place to judge or compared. I accept all sizes, as long they know how to use it on me.


A body belongs to the person who resides within it.

However, when that body is placed in the public arena, its ownership can become destabilised. The gaze of most if not all viewers, consciously or not, fetishises and objectifies. False claims can be laid to the body of another, either through this process or by the machinations of more malignant individuals.

Touch With Your Eyes attempts to visualise this fetishisation; objectification and loss of clarity surrounding the photographed individual's ownership of their body. It also examines the role of the viewer and the means in which they either passively or actively consume the image


Discover more from Hue and Rebecca through the links below:

Photographer/Creative Director: Hue Hale
3D Artist: Rebecca Flynn

MUA: Yasmin Archer
Model: Ramon Maia
Link to Project: Touch With your Eyes

4 mai #1 et #2 - polaroids Image System encadrés - 15X15 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Romuald&Pj+ADAGP (à gauche) et Collection privée (celui de droite)

4 mai #1 et #2 - polaroids Image System encadrés - 15X15 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Romuald&Pj+ADAGP (à gauche) et Collection privée (celui de droite)

4 mai #1 et #2 - polaroids Image System encadrés - 15X15 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Romuald&Pj+ADAGP (à gauche) et Collection privée (celui de droite)

4 mai #1 et #2 - polaroids Image System encadrés - 15X15 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Romuald&Pj+ADAGP (à gauche) et Collection privée (celui de droite)

La mort de l'amant - 3 polaroids Image System encadrés - 30X20 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Collection privée

La mort de l'amant - 3 polaroids Image System encadrés - 30X20 - 2014 -  Pièce unique - Collection privée

L'amour de l'amant - 3 polaroids 600 encadrés - 30X20 - 2014 - Pièce unique - Collection privée

L'amour de l'amant - 3 polaroids 600 encadrés - 30X20 - 2014 - Pièce unique - Collection privée

Nu découpé/sectionné - 3 polaroids SX70 -  2014 - Pièce unique - Collection privée

Nu découpé/sectionné - 3 polaroids SX70 -  2014 - Pièce unique - Collection privée

Domination/élévation - 2 polaroids SX70 -  2014 - Pièce unique - ©R&PJ+ADAGP

Domination/élévation - 2 polaroids SX70 -  2014 - Pièce unique - ©R&PJ+ADAGP

The use of the black background in photography is generally a complete neutralisation of landscape in order to focus the image in the subject. In our practice of producing images, we try to give each piece a meaningful autonomy. For example, in the series of dates, black background  reflects the dreamlike detachment from reality, vague and misleading the memory of distant events founders of an individual (what Freud called "screen memories") while in "Fox", black is  the expression of nothingness, the abyss and nihilism.

1983 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 200X110 et 70X50 - 2011 - ©R&Pj+ADAGP

1983 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 200X110 et 70X50 - 2011 - ©R&Pj+ADAGP

More of Romauld & PJ can be found below:

Romauld & PJ Website

1976 (Le Complexe de castration) - Photographie - 80X60 - 2013

1976 (Le Complexe de castration) - Photographie - 80X60 - 2013

1979 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 180X120 et 80X60 2012

1979 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 180X120 et 80X60 2012

1982 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 180X120 et 80X60 2012

1982 - photographie - 2 types d'édition : 180X120 et 80X60 2012


This work is part of a photographic project from the tittolo: "Berlines". An investigation involving foreign men living in Berlin. An investigation into their sexual identity and the idea of masculinity and eroticism of the male body. So I came into contact with heterosexual or gay men available to offer their body to the camera and to my look. - Franchesco Berti

See more of Francesco’s work on his social media and website | website, instagram and tumblr.


Where are you from? How did you get into photography?
I’m from Poland and I make movies and TV; i’m a cinematographer. Photography is a natural language for me, more intimate than movies. I work a lot with visual artists, helping them with video arts and other visual stuff. I also make my own exhibitions. In movies I do mainstream, so photography is my private language.

Can you explain the series? What is it about and why sushi?
That's easy. I just went to my friends with no plan but with a camera. They ordered sushi, I bought some vodka. So everything was spontaneous and enjoyable. Hope u find it tasty.

Where did the inspiration come from?
Years of interest and studying art. References came out of spontaneity, but also Araki, Ren Hang, Bacon and Lucian Freud.

Why nudity?
Sexuality is an important part of my life. I don't see enough aesthetically satisfying me nudity in media, usually boring, perfectly photoshopped Calvin Klein type of bullshit. So I produce my own- dirtier, more natural stuff.


Why did you go for black and white?
Black and white polaroids is the visual language I feel comfortable in.

Who are the people in the images? How do they feel being exposed online?
They’re my long time friends. I just spoke with them and they love being exposed. They like sushi and their sexuality is to be explored.

Have you ever put yourself in the work you do?
Never. I’m always behind the camera.

What’s your relationship with sex and sexuality?
I don’t understand this question. Maybe it’s too general or too detailed.

Any new work on the horizon we should look out for?
A lot. Humanistic-pornography. Gay, flash, love…

What inspires you?
People with energy to make art, with this kind of power that their art hijacks your thoughts. Sometimes art becomes this universal language that communicates our human condition, desires etc., makes us feel understood and not alone. One image or art piece becomes a new word in a timeless language


No_pic_no_chat is a working artist, continuing to put images into the world over on Instagram



The artist also works with video, showcasing people reading something of importance to them, while nude.

“This project appeared naturally. First I think it was the polaroids, but that wasn't enough. I wanted the guys to be more visible, how they act, how shy or playful they are. To give a wider view -how fascinating the sexuality of each of them is, how is it played in their voice, body language, what book do they choose? So it's more of a description, making a catalog of each sensibility rather than a project with a thesis.”

Fabio Le Fanu - Work Submission (dragged) 3.jpg

Since always, my artwork focused on the study of the body and sexuality in society. Recently, my work started naturally to focus on the intimate relationship between queer people and their gender idea. This huge freedom we gained in the last 30 years brought us to define a new type of approach to self-expression, redefining all the clichés we brought with us until today. We are no more attached to our biologic sex but more, I would say, to the idea we create in our mind that it’s our reality.

How do we define masculinity and femininity nowadays? But most importantly, do we still have a separation between them? These are the most important questions that are leading my work today. 

The idea of gender is very intimate and personal like sexuality but in a more complex way, probably because it was created by society itself and it continues to evolve under ours eyes. It is very stimulating to try to represent all these shades thought photography.

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Fabio Le Fanu - Work Submission (dragged).jpg

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