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Since always, my artwork focused on the study of the body and sexuality in society. Recently, my work started naturally to focus on the intimate relationship between queer people and their gender idea. This huge freedom we gained in the last 30 years brought us to define a new type of approach to self-expression, redefining all the clichés we brought with us until today. We are no more attached to our biologic sex but more, I would say, to the idea we create in our mind that it’s our reality.

How do we define masculinity and femininity nowadays? But most importantly, do we still have a separation between them? These are the most important questions that are leading my work today. 

The idea of gender is very intimate and personal like sexuality but in a more complex way, probably because it was created by society itself and it continues to evolve under ours eyes. It is very stimulating to try to represent all these shades thought photography.

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Fabio Le Fanu - Work Submission (dragged).jpg

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