Thierry Huard

This project was born from the desire to shed light on queer men’s sexuality found in context of intimacy and vulnerability.

It is a reflection on courage and self-love while questioning what should or should not be part of the public sphere and why so many facets of ourselves are kept hidden in the shadow of heteronormative society. Initiated through a call for submissions posted on Craigslist, which led to personal messaging on dating sites and now mostly through social apps, this project claims emancipation of men’s sexuality.Most photos and facials are produced by the men who put themselves at the centre of the image, in an intimate setting, usually in their own home, their room, their bed, their bathroom etc.

The amateur quality of the photos thus highlights the non-professional nature of the photographer/subject while rather referring to the intimacy of a homemade photoshoot.

Each self-portrait is used by digitally replacing semen with glitter. Glitter is shiny, colourful. exuberant and depicts the magic bond shared between queer men.

The beauty lies in the communal aspect of publicly sharing what could be seen as shameful and turning it into a network of proud hoes.

More from the series can be found on Thierry’s Tumblr, and on his Instagram account here.