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Benjamin Tejero

Through the artistic action I get some distance in order to unveil the common essence of things. I am interested in subjects that are illicit, surreptitious, unacknowledged, disgusting in the eyes of neophytes. With my art practice I want to highlight stories from subcultures and marginal communities, largely invisible in our societies.

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Jonathan David Smyth

BETWEEN YOU AND ME (2019) is a series of self-portraits inspired by Jonathan David Smyth finding and reconnecting with their birth mother. They’re presenting their body as an expression of themselves, and various people in their life. This is a project about confidence and facing emotions and relationships head on.

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Nic Flanagan

Photographer Nic Flanagan’s new series ‘Decorus’ takes a look at the idea of melancholy, the transition from Winter to Spring, and how this changing of the season can bring a period of reflection and the realisation of moments of sadness within the queer perspective of living.

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