Shane Allison

Shane Allison began making collages back in 2001 back when he had no idea it was an art form. As a writer, he liked to write in journals, and would decorate the covers with objects he would find. A year after that Shane began taking it seriously.

“What I love about collage is that there are no rules to the form. If you don't like something, you can paste over it, rip it up and use it in something else. The minute you cut something out of a magazine, that image becomes independent of its whole.”

In this series, I wanted to juxtapose something that's seen as obscene in society against images of purity. Using an all American icon like Mikey Mouse as a backdrop to gay sexuality. In the other collages in which strips of paper is used from an assortment of media to cover the men's privates, I wanted to toy with the gay male gaze. You know what's there, and what it is, and all your mind wants to do is peel back those layers of paper to see just how big it is, how round it is. Porn isn't just about sex and getting off, but the size of everything. Bigger the butt, bigger the tits, bigger the cock. I want you to imagine. I want the viewer to go ape shit over that which they can't see.