Ivor Sexton

After leaving college in 1979, Ivor Sexton began working as an illustrator, before concentrating on fine art. Now considering himself as a figurative painter, all of his work has a narrative. Talking about his work, Ivor said: “I have always liked a good story so like to reflect this in what I paint. I like to think I am a teller of tales in a visual form.”

Taking inspiration from books, music, film and other visual mediums, Ivor uses a lot of symbolism in his paintings and has always been influenced by Renaissance artists, explaining the use of religious imagery in some of his work.

Throughout the forty years of his time being an artist, a lot has changed. He started focusing his attention on the male nude and it shocked him how much fear it creates to paint a penis. His focus is of “real” men, not a fantasised version of a man, which is why he includes blemishes and men of differing ages.

Explaining more, Ivor said: “I like men who have stories to tell and men who live in the real world. There is so much peer pressure on men today to look a certain way...to have a six pack and a big cock. The guys I paint are all happy to show themselves as they are. I like to think I give them a voice. Some are hung and some are not. Some have buffed up bodies and some don't. Some are young and some more mature. What they all have in common is a story to tell and voice to be heard.”

On talking censorship, he said: “There has been a slow and creeping censoring of art going on that is only now starting to be noticed. It appears that nudity is now associated with perversion...it is ok to show mutilation and violence in the new age dramas on television as long as you don't show any sex organs. Nail a person to the floor and mutilate them but don't show their penis as that will corrupt our poor children. I don't know about you guys but I'm sick of being classed a pervert just because I celebrate the naked male form. So here are my paintings doing just that...in all their uncensored glory...celebrating the male nude.”

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