Gas Station

I was 18 or 19, shortly after I had my HIV scare and in my depressed state, I took more risks. I went to a gas station, not far from my house, and the guy who worked there was gorgeous. Like a muscle jock, but with the look of an artist; long brown hair, pulled back into a top knot and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. He wore a deep v-neck that showed off his pecs perfectly. He wasn’t really attending to the store, instead he was working on a laptop, editing photographs. We exchanged a few glances and I could instantly tell he was interested…

It wasn’t long until he came from around the counter, flipped the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’ and motioned me to follow him. We ended up in the bathroom…

It was small, a single person set up. Leaning against the sink, he pulled out a joint. He lit it, asking me if I wanted a hit. I had never done any drug in my life and I knew I wasn’t going to be that adventurous with a stranger, so I politely refused and he respected it. I stood awkwardly, not knowing what to do, until he motioned me to come over and asked “don’t you want to touch?”. With that I reached my hand up under his shirt and started touching his perfectly sculptured pecs. Nervously he pulled away slightly. It was at this point that I realised my hands were freezing from nerves and I apologised. Knowing touching him was out of the question, due to my cold hands, I lifted his shirt and lightly ran my tongue up the perfect crevice between his abs and up to his perfect, pink nipples. I instantly knew I’d found his sweet spot, because I could begin to feel his dick grow inside his shorts.

I licked, kissed, nibbled and teased his nipples, all the time aware that his cock was now throbbing and eager to break free from his shorts. With this in mind, I unbuttoned his shorts and out sprung his dick. It wasn’t anything amazing, average at best, but it had the most perfectly shaped, soft pink head i’ve ever seen on a dick. Silvery strings of precum were dripping from the tip. I knew from prior experience never to go straight for the dick, but make them beg for it. I liked to tease and I was good at it, so I made use of that. I went under his dick and gave his balls a lick. They were ripe with his musk. Intoxicating really. That turned me on and made me want to go harder and give him the best head of his life.

I continued to kiss and lick his smooth low hangers and eventually took them in my mouth and started to suck on them. He started letting out small moans and had pulled out a bottle of poppers from his short pockets. Again, he offered me these and I declined. Raising the bottle to his nose, he inhaled deep, taking in a high from the liquid. It was now that I saw my chance and in the middle of his deep inhale I grabbed his dick and took it deep in my throat. Now he was letting out loud moans of “oh fuck!”. Working his dick, it didn’t take long; the poppers had worked their magic and within a minute of intense sucking he shot his load in my mouth. This was my first bathroom hookup, so I didn’t want to take the risk and swallow, despite it tasting great. I spat it out onto the tiled floor, leaving a trail of hot load dripping from my chin.

He zipped and buttoned his shorts and we exited shortly after. I left the gas station shaking with a cocktail of excitement and disbelief. I never knew his name and never saw him there again. I don’t know if i’d be brave enough to try it again, but in memory of the time I got some dick in a gas station bathroom, he will always have a special place in my heart.