We walked a couple of blocks and before I knew it I was being directed towards a secluded alley; I knew he was fond of this place because he didn’t hesitate to put me in a corner, where I could see any oncoming people.

We started kissing and he was good at it. His wet lips were all over mine, his tongue pushed down my throat and every so often there’d be a dick stiffening lip bite.

Instantly I was rock solid in my shorts and I knew he was too. His hands made it down to my bulging shorts and he gave it a hard tug, springing my uncut, precum dripping dick free.

He didn’t waste any time in dropping to his knees to take my entire length. It felt so good and at this point I was so horny I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to get my close to blowing my load. He knew it too, after a few minutes he stood up, grabbed my shirt and pulled me further down the alley.

Los Angeles, California, I’ve just arrived at my hotel and within minutes i’m hitting up the cruising apps, searching for a quick fix. The nearest guy within my tastes is less than a mile away. We started talking and instantly I knew this guy was well practiced. He soon hit me with the line ‘you won’t be able to image the kind of things i’ll do with my cock and the places we’re going to have fun. Have you ever had fun in public?’

Within the hour I was meeting this guy down in my hotel lobby. He was hot and I could tell that his dick was huge.

I hadn’t seen it through the app because I tend not to share pictures like that, and it’s only fair that if mine’s kept in my pants, theirs is too. Soon the night got pretty heated and I knew that my dick wouldn’t be kept away for much longer.

He was wearing tight denim shorts and a black t-shirt with ‘pig’ written on the front. We soon headed out of the hotel and into the street. It’s now around 10pm, the streets are dark and there’s only a handful of people walking around. This is West Hollywood, I thought there’d be more, but tonight must be a quiet night.


We found ourselves right at the end, which joined onto a parking area. It was a busy area, with cars coming and going every minute. But nonetheless, this guy was set in his ways that this was the place to continue. Pushing me to my knees, he pushed his crotch into my face and ordered me to pull it out and to get sucking.

His dick was as huge as I expected it to be. At least 9 inches. I thought that mine, at an already big 7.5 inches was impressive, but his looked worthy of a God.

Taking as much as I could, I sucked him like there was no tomorrow. His head filled my entire mouth and I loved it. With each thrust I could feel his shaft swell.

I looked up and realised that he had pulled out his phone and was recording me sucking. Usually I wouldn’t allow it, but I felt like he could do whatever he wanted and in that moment I was his little slave.

Muttering ‘suck it little piggy’ I was getting more and more turned on by this new level of filth. Pulling me off his dick by my hair he asked ‘ready to taste daddies load?’. Yes, yes I was. Pushing his dick back into my mouth, he slammed my throat for another minute before pulling out and unleashing lashings of his sweet, thick load over my face and down the front of my shirt.

Just when I was over the absolute high of such a great experience, and once i’d wiped some of his seed from my eyes, I looked up to find him stuffing his deflating dick back into his shorts.

Asking him where I get to unload, he replied ‘Wherever you want. I’m off home’ and he turned and walked away. So there I was, sore throat, on my knees covered in cum in a public car park. Wiping my face with my shirt, I got up and pushed my leaking hard-on down the leg of my shorts and made my way back up the alley.

Almost back at the hotel, reliving the experience in my mind, I knew I had to blow my own load and it had to be outside. Tucking myself away behind a bush just off the street, I rubbed my dick until I left strings of cum over its leaves. I’ve always had a huge load and this one was no different. I came for what felt like an eternity and it was great.

Getting back to my hotel I got a message from the guy with the video he took of me. Safe to say, despite it showing mostly my face gagging, it’s now the material I go to the most when I want to have a good, long and enjoyable wank.


I was 18 or 19, shortly after I had my HIV scare and in my depressed state, I took more risks. I went to a gas station, not far from my house, and the guy who worked there was gorgeous. Like a muscle jock, but with the look of an artist; long brown hair, pulled back into a top knot and he had the most beautiful blue eyes. He wore a deep v-neck that showed off his pecs perfectly. He wasn’t really attending to the store, instead he was working on a laptop, editing photographs. We exchanged a few glances and I could instantly tell he was interested…

It wasn’t long until he came from around the counter, flipped the ‘open’ sign to ‘closed’ and motioned me to follow him. We ended up in the bathroom…

It was small, a single person set up. Leaning against the sink, he pulled out a joint. He lit it, asking me if I wanted a hit. I had never done any drug in my life and I knew I wasn’t going to be that adventurous with a stranger, so I politely refused and he respected it. I stood awkwardly, not knowing what to do, until he motioned me to come over and asked “don’t you want to touch?”. With that I reached my hand up under his shirt and started touching his perfectly sculptured pecs. Nervously he pulled away slightly. It was at this point that I realised my hands were freezing from nerves and I apologised. Knowing touching him was out of the question, due to my cold hands, I lifted his shirt and lightly ran my tongue up the perfect crevice between his abs and up to his perfect, pink nipples. I instantly knew I’d found his sweet spot, because I could begin to feel his dick grow inside his shorts.


I licked, kissed, nibbled and teased his nipples, all the time aware that his cock was now throbbing and eager to break free from his shorts. With this in mind, I unbuttoned his shorts and out sprung his dick. It wasn’t anything amazing, average at best, but it had the most perfectly shaped, soft pink head i’ve ever seen on a dick. Silvery strings of precum were dripping from the tip. I knew from prior experience never to go straight for the dick, but make them beg for it. I liked to tease and I was good at it, so I made use of that. I went under his dick and gave his balls a lick. They were ripe with his musk. Intoxicating really. That turned me on and made me want to go harder and give him the best head of his life.

I continued to kiss and lick his smooth low hangers and eventually took them in my mouth and started to suck on them. He started letting out small moans and had pulled out a bottle of poppers from his short pockets. Again, he offered me these and I declined. Raising the bottle to his nose, he inhaled deep, taking in a high from the liquid. It was now that I saw my chance and in the middle of his deep inhale I grabbed his dick and took it deep in my throat. Now he was letting out loud moans of “oh fuck!”. Working his dick, it didn’t take long; the poppers had worked their magic and within a minute of intense sucking he shot his load in my mouth. This was my first bathroom hookup, so I didn’t want to take the risk and swallow, despite it tasting great. I spat it out onto the tiled floor, leaving a trail of hot load dripping from my chin.

He zipped and buttoned his shorts and we exited shortly after. I left the gas station shaking with a cocktail of excitement and disbelief. I never knew his name and never saw him there again. I don’t know if i’d be brave enough to try it again, but in memory of the time I got some dick in a gas station bathroom, he will always have a special place in my heart.