After chatting for months, going into every detail of the ins and outs of our lives, we finally met Dave in Portsmouth for a long-overdue photoshoot. Arriving at the hotel, we spoke very briefly about our day before getting right into it.

We spoke with Dave after to get his perspective of sex and sexuality, body confidence and his relationship with all three.

Can you remember the first time you felt sexual? Or understood what that feeling was?
I believe I was around 12 years old when I started having sexual feelings. I understood it to a certain degree however I didn't exactly know what it meant. The feelings were great nonetheless

What were the feelings?
I don't really know how to describe them. Apart from stating the obvious reaction which is getting a rock on and the feeling of pleasure coursing through me.


I thought I was bi for a while. That soon passed.
I agree. I actually had a girlfriend at 15. She was from Belgium and she travelled to see me. It was soon after that sexual encounter that I knew that I was gay.

What happened?
So when she came to stay with me, we had sex. Not just the once. I was actually watching gay porn and thinking about men whilst having sex. It soon clicked that I was gay.

The power of gay porn.
100%. Getting off to Colby Jansen was the best lived porn moments.

Ah, Colby is irresistible. I can understand why it got you off.
He is a masterpiece and has a master piece.

When did you start exploring your body? Were you always confident in showing it off?
Well I would say I PROPERLY started exploring my body when I was 18. I've gone through phases and body shapes. My currently body shape being a potato.

I enjoy pleasuring myself a lot. I have a high intense sex drive and I'm literally like a rabbit. 

I've had issues with my body and the way I look. I believe everyone does have something that they hate about themselves, it's normal. Mine stems from an unfortunate stage of being bullied. I still have issues today but I'm looking to overcome them and the photoshoot helps for sure.

My motto for any sort of body positivity is 'The imperfections you think you have are perfections in someone else's vision.’


Mine was similar. I think there’s just a switch that turns on...and stays on.
Pretty much. Sometimes it just happens for no real reason.

When did you go through puberty?
It probably started at the same time which would make sense but I never actually noticed the sight of puberty until around 15 years old.

That does make sense. I was an early starter; around 11. That’s when I really started to notice sexuality.
I didn't even understand sexuality. I had attractions to both girls and boys. I even came out as bi-curious because I didn't understand the way I felt.


That's a good motto to live by. You seem very confident, so i'm glad to see you're getting over it, even if it's just a little bit.
When you accept yourself, it makes it easier on the mind.

Very true. I lived by something similar in school.
What was that?

I accepted elements of my body that made me feel confident and used it to make myself better than bullies. For example, I wasn't the most confident in sports lessons. All other other guys were super athletic and excellent at what they were doing, and I wasn't at all. They'd mock me for not being as good as they were and the usual bullshit that kids do. But one day I noticed in the changing rooms that I had obviously went through puberty way before them; my balls were big, my dick was thick and I had pubes and everyone else didn't 'measure up'. They all noticed and they soon left me alone.
Well that is definitely something to be proud of! I never had confidence at school.

What was your favourite part about the shoot?
The photographer

You charmer
Well it made me way more confident as we had mutual grounds and passions. Plus you were asking questions like ‘are you okay with this?' and ‘do you feel comfortable?' It made it better as you were thinking of my wellbeing.

We'll have to do it again soon. Try and raise that confidence even more
I would be happy to! I want to try promote body positivity and normalise sexuality.

That's all I want from Fagazine. The tagline says just that - 'shining a light on sex, Fagazine aims to take back gay sexuality and showcase it for what it is; free honest and sometimes filthy’
It's a great tagline. I'm looking to be part of advocacy towards it. Currently in preparation of writing my own book for support towards depression, anxiety and anti-bullying.

It would be a useful book to have, especially for teenagers
I agree. I would hope I can help someone get through what they're going through.

Well i'll shoot your book cover for free. Only if you're in a jock, however
Imagine that. Me in a jock, on a book cover, on the shelves of shops Not a good look.

Or it could be the best look for influential teens
Maybe a topless with shorts photo?