Cock & balls (1)

With a new week comes a new theme, usually started on Instagram and curated through Insta Stories before being gathered here for a blog post. This week we’re switching things up.

Why? Instagram is a prudish, queer-hating platform that cant stand the sight of naked flesh. You know that thing we all have, the skin that surrounds us and makes us all unique? Yeah, they hate that. They also hate pubes, arses, bulges and balls, and they certainly hate cocks. God forbid anyone see a bush of pubes rising from a beautifully designed pair of pants.

The essence of these themes is to make people feel comfortable and to show off what they have. Fagazine has always been a place for you, our audience. It’s your platform to do with what you please. And if that means you want to take off all your clothes and dance, pull your cock out to wave it around, or simply showcase yourself as a creator, we will accommodate that.

Our blog is currently a place showcasing galleries of you all. Let us know what you want this to turn into and we’ll try and make that happen. Until then, enjoy this selection of beautiful people flaunting their beautiful cock’s for us all to enjoy.

Graeme Fullwood